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Muna at the top of Nablus's mountain

Why hello there, I am Muna. This blog will chronicle many of the amazing, fun, crazy, difficult, wonderful, thesising, researching, exciting, lovely, sweet, and ever so memorable moments I will experience during my last year at Bryn Mawr. I am a biology major and a computer science minor, love the integration of the two fields. I am from Nablus, Palestine, and I absolutely love my home. We have the best food and the most delicious sweets.

I love discovering new places and meeting new people to learn from them, for every person has a story to tell, a story to be heard, and through this blog, you will hear many stories from my telling. I find joy in going on bike rides in town and walking on campus to discover new places to meditate, study and hangout. Dancing and exercising are my saviors. And, I aim everyday to draw a smile on someone’s face. I am a member of the Rugby team and the co-president of Open Mic Club. I am slowly figuring out what is next for me, but as they say; life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get; so, bring it on yummy bits of chocolate. And allow me to show you around and share with you what a life of a BMC senior is like.



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  1. Hey Muna! I’ve just found this website! It’s awesome! Please keep writing new articles!

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