Geese and Oscars.

I just decided that I am going to try something new this week, where I will try to write a short post about either something I did during the day, or some random though that pops to my head (and those do happen a lot…) let’s see how successful I am at this new thing, but please don’t hold your breaths, I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

I think my favorite thing that happened this fine Monday morning were the geese on campus.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, -which if you’re on campus, I think you must have -they’ve been coming to campus everyday.  They started out on Merion Green, and they’ve now been all over the place, circling Taylor, next to Thomas, closer to the campus center..pretty much everywhere.  And, to me, they just have this vibe that doesn’t fail to make me laugh, and bring so much joy to my heart.  I know you’re probably rolling your eye at the screen thinking what on earth am I reading, but it is the truth.  And, I’ve managed to take multiple pictures of them whenever I got the chance to, here’s one of them;

Geese on campus!

Aside from the geese, Mondays aren’t many people’s favorites, but to me at least Sunday is over.  Sundays are the hypocrite days where you wake up thinking, alright it’s still the weekend and I’m going to have time to finish my work, and perhaps do something fun…but then it slipps through your fingers and it’s 10pm and you realize that all the work you’ve been trying to finish is still yet to be done, and more has piled up… Or maybe that’s just my experience with Sundays…  Anyway, yesterday was the Oscars night as many of us know, and, I have never really been into any of these programs, and yes, yesterday’s Oscars was the first time I’ve ever watched it, blame it on peer pressure.  It was an interesting experience nonetheless, and now I can cross it off my list.  I was very happy to see that a Palestinian Documentary was nominated!  It’s such a huge accomplishment, to be recognized.  The documentary “5 broken Cameras” is one that is absolutely worth watching.  It has a message for everyone, not just to/from Palestinians, but to all those in distress, in injustice situations, that making your voice heard in peaceful acts is a very important step towards freedom, peace and justice.  If you haven’t seen the documentary, I strongly recommend you to, it is on instant watch on Netflix.  And the trend on Twitter made it more exciting to realize how much of a huge step this is for us.  Aside from how happy, proud, and excited I was to see Palestine well represented, I enjoyed the experience of Oscars, and I have to admit, I did give into the peer pressure and had to pay for it by waking up early this morning to finish my homework,,but it’s not finished yet, nor will it ever be before the last day of classes. Ha. it’s just the reality I have to face.

Speaking of homework, that’s where I’m headed next.   So until we meet again,