Here’s to a new beginning!

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. Anxious, excited, worried, overwhelemed with all these feelings, here I am sitting and writinng about it, because I learned that writing about it makes it all better; it helps me put it in a visual form infront of me, making it all doable, making everything alright.

So many things have happened in this crazy week I have been here. My first steps to campus were engulfed with the feeling of “ah, just another day here, as if I have never left”. A feeling rather comforting yet triggering of the realization that this is the last time I can feel as if I have never left before. Familiar faces were always a comfort, a warmth surrounding the atmosphere arround us.

As the training of the DLT “Dorm Leadership Team” alongside with the more intensive training of HA “Hall Advisors” took place, there wasn’t anytime I was able to fully sit down and just think. To realize that the summer days are over, that school is here and not just any year, my Senior Year, and then the feelingsĀ roller coasterĀ starts…

One of my absolute favorite things about Bryn Mawr is the community here, and the people you meet. Being a Junior last year, it was hard at time when you missed so many people who were JYA, but more importantly when one of these people is your absolute best friend, and the person you have spent most of your time at Bryn Mawr with, since day one. This brings me to the absolute best feeling I had so far; Reuniting with these loved ones. Luci is someone you’ll hear a lot about in this blog, you’ll just have to wait to read about the awesome times and adventures we have together.

On a closing note, today was the Senior class assembly and realizing how fortunate we are to be at such a wonderful place is overwhelming. Meeting with a few of the representatives of the huge support network we have here was invaluable, and the one hour the class spent together in the beautiful auditorium brought a great feeling of togetherness, of completeness of this beautiful Red Class, 2013. Here is to the best year we will have!

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