Blurred but exciting.

I decided to highlight how content I have been despite the unbelievable amount of work I have to do..yes already, with the second week of classes. The first few weeks of school are always hectic, busy, stressful to some, and deniable to others, but to me, they have been rather exciting, with a few downs of course. I am a big believer of the saying “without the bad days, you can’t appreciate the great ones”. Although I have been having long days, early starts and late ends, I have been very blessed to coninuously see the bright side of things. I am very fortunate to be going to such a great, very supportive school. The people around make a great difference, and I always keep in mind to keep a smile on my face, to keep my spirit high and to be open to change. I am realizing that I am starting to mumble so here’s the gist of what I am talking about;

Beautiful weather, wonderful people, supportive professors, a lot of work, precious traditions and lovely community.

I went to the CDO (Career Development Office) today, and although I didn’t meet with the person I always meet with-when I was told, I wasn’t too happy about it- I absolutely loved how the meeting went! She was able to help me with my questions about grad schools, work experience, and applications. She had an image of how my future might look like, and it was exactly how I am dreaming of. The simple thing of having someone understand you and what you dream to do in less than an hour was such an amazing feeling! My future to me is blurred, has some obstacles, yet its blurred situation isn’t scary or concerning, but rather exciting! This made me reinforce my belieg in things working out in their own magical way.

With this positive thought, I will leave you, although I have so much more to share, but that will have to be done this weekend.

Until then, peace! and happy Fall Frolic!