Hakuna Matata-ing

One of the things that I try to do is try everything new- check things of off life’s long list of things wonderful to try out. Yesterday I crossed off on of those I went and had my absolute first dance class- and it was HipHop, ooh yeaah. It was such an amazing, tiring, uncomfortable at some moments, yet wonderful and freeing at others experience. Although I absolutely LOVE dancing, and I always go all out when it comes to dance, I never claimed that I “knew” how to dance, yet I believed that everyone “could” dance if they wanted to. Dance to me is like setting yourself free, having no fear, no insecurities, no worries -yes, Hakuna Matata– which is in Swahili 😉 – no doubts, and having every joy in the world. Dance is such a wonderful gift sent to us, one that is easily taken for granted. So, appreciate dance, embrace it, support a dancer you know and don’t forget to keep on dancing for joy, happiness and for the world!