Karaok(mawr) is on my mind

Karaoke night is TONIGHT! and I cannot contain my excitement. I am a music lover, I love to dance to all sorts of music and I love to listen to music, and aside from listening to music I also like to sing along…if you happen to hear me you will know the danger of this fact, as I have everything far way from singing abilities, but alas I have no shame, not at all. So, tonight at the HA Karaoke night, I am going to sing along to all these songs and will have the time of my life watching other people do it too. As a Hall Adviser, aside from the fun stuff we do everyweek in area group, we have HA fun nights and tonight is the first one this semester. All the awesome HAs along with the amazingly wonderful Res LIfe people will be there and we will all sing and  have a great time. (I will take pictures and mayybeeee a video and will share with you guys) I just am very excited and I wanted to share that with y’all!

Senior year has been rather exciting, great, fun and busy, yes very very busy, more than I imagined it would be. I have been following my goal of living it up so far. I am a morning person and I have been waking up on Wednesdays at 7am to go to the oh so amazing cycling class with Courtney! She’s a Bryn Mawr grad, Green Lantern(! yay sister class) and she is beyond wonderful. One of the things I look forward to after I go out of this great bryn mawr bubble is to run into fellew mawrters. It has happened to me a couple of times before where I was once taking a bolt bus from Boston to NYC and I met a Bryn Mawr alumna, and oh how you immidiately can just “click” and bond over this beautiful place that is Bryn Mawr. It is something I know will happen and especially with the great social media we have now, networking and meeting people is ever so easy, and rewarding too.

And, to add to the cheesiness of me here’s a practice karaoke song for you- I believe I can fly and the Karaoke version



Enjoy flying,