The sun is (finally) out!

This is a post dedecated to the weather. It’s the first day of Spering Break, and the sun was beautifully out, shining through and making me feel like dancing, more than I usually feel like.

I forgot how light sensitive I am, it has been such an up and down couple of weeks and all became clear and better and vibrant within a minute of me stepping outside. I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the weather was, and it sure felt like being on break. The sounds of birds chirping, the cool breeze playing through the trees and the geese (had to mention them) playing around on campus brought about the joy and the beauty that is Spring.

After going to the mall to run some errands (yeah, right!) and yes, shopping, Emily and I stopped by a McDonalds, got some ice cream and walked over to the neighboring park to eat and be in the sun. This small event made me beyond ecstatic, feeling the sun rays on our backs, the cool breeze coming through. To brighten the day further, there was a mother walking her baby on a stroller, and a father playing with his daughter and takings pictures of her, happenings that never fail to bring a smile on my face and make me realize how beautiful this world can be.

Another highlight of the day was going for a bike ride on campus in the late afternoon, after a nice talk on the phone with my dad. Riding my bike takes me back to my childhood, where I would make sure to finish my homework early so I can get to go outside and ride my bike with my friends. Although we never went farther than the parking lot and the small piece of land cross the buildings, it always felt like we were going on picnics, and long distances. I relived these memories today as I was just going around campus, admiring its beauty and taking in the fresh air while awaiting for Luci to come back from the city (we’re such a married couple.. that’s what they say, but it is very true nonetheless).

Chatting about our own days then parting ways to relax and do our own thing, I finally cooked my very first meal for myself! I made…burritos? It was such a success and the outcome was rather satisfying, I guess I’m ready for you, real world, so bring it on! (give me a job first, won’t you?)

So, thank you Mother Nature for bringing the good weather our way, and please keep the sun around, it is Spring Break afterall.

I hope you all are enjoying your breaks, or weekends. Go outside for a walk, listen to the birds singing and take in the smell of flowers blossoming, it is a beautiful world we live in.