Life of Se(nior)

Although many may say, oh break is still at its beginning, looking at my calendar, this week is going to go by so fast, as a result of the amounts of work I have to do. I’ve done some sort of homework, work, job search, etc every day since Friday. Tired am I? Oh yes, but the road is still long ahead of me.

This break isn’t like other breaks I’ve had before, first of all it is the last break I will have as an undergraduate, probably the last break I will have for a while, if all goes to plan ( cross your fingers for me, won’t you?). Going to the city today to do some research for my Midterm which is due on Wendesday was more inspiring, awakening, emotional, overwhelming than I planned for it to be. Being at UPenn always makes me happy, in a way I can’t quite explain, it makes me feel more self sufficient, more inependent, and yet makes me realize how huge this world is, and how to make things happen, to achieve dreams, I have to work so hard. Not that being at bryn mawr is any different, but it’s a different type of hardwork I need to be doing, it’s the hardwork that transitionning to the real world requires. May is fast approaching, and there is a ton, a ton that needs to be done between now and the big day. A lot to do that it’s hard not to get overwhelemed and feel like just sleeping it all off, but that’s not what a Mawrter would do, not what Muna would do. So, bring it on, world, I am here to take everything you through at me, with arms wide open, and big smile, because whatever is going to happen will happen for a reason (yes i said it, I went there..the philisophical of me can’t hide haha).

I am always rather amazed by the power of networking, of communicating, but most of all, I am always happily surprised by how strong the Bryn Mawr community can be, in and out of Bryn Mawr. I met with an alumna and a friend of mine today to talk about work she’s done before and I am interested in working in. Meeting up and walking around West Philly while talking was so nice. It was overwhelming to talk about possible places to live (it’s that time now, looking out for places to live after the infamous May 18th). Her experience out of bmc has been difficult, yet the network of alumnae in the area has proven strong and supportive which made me feel a little more at east with the idea of living in the area, of moving in and of graduating. We walked for a couple of blocks, thankfully the rain held off to make the walk pleasant. We ended up grabbing a bite at a local middle eastern restaurant, the well known Saad’s, which made the atmosphere even more enjoyable. I had forgotten that she had been to Jordan and actually came to Palestine, which was so great to look back upon and relive some of the fun moments we had when she visited.

With the comments in arabic, to reminiscing about bryn mawr, and a valuable advices from her, I felt as if I am ready to take on the world, ready for what’s coming. She gave me tips of places to apply to, ways to get by, and promised to keep an eye out for things that might be of interest to me.

Feeling that you’re not alone, that someone has your back, that things will be okay was all that I wanted to feel, and for that and much more, I am ever so thankful to be part of such an amazing community, one that is so supportive, so inspiring and united despite our personal differences. And with that I must go on with my tasks to tackle before I hit the haysack.

Keep positive my fellow seniors, although things might look hard, and you might feel overwhelemed, know that we’re all in this together, and all will be just fine. So, just keep swimming, and take it one day at a time.

Until we meet again,


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  1. You’re so right, my friend. We’re all in this together! A little faith to us all, that’s all we need.

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