OMC, beautiful Fridays!

Tonight was the last Open Mic Club’s event for the semester. I went in with moderate expectations for the event, knowing there were at least 3 other quite large events happening on campus around the same time. When I went, we started the usual setting up, chatting with people and getting things ready. We did the advertisement we could, emailed people and talked to friends, and to our pleasent surprise, a decent number of people came, many performed and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Open Mic Club started Spring 2011 Sophomore year -woah, how did that happen?!-almost two years from now! It was started by two of my friends and myself, and it kind of came out of the blue, a decision I often look back on with such joy and happiness. Although I, myself have no connection with art, singing, poetry, performances or any sort of creativity, I am a big fan. I love supporting my talented friends and Open Mic Club (OMC) has been allowing me to admire the talents that Mawrters have. It always reminds us of how academia is only one small-though might not seem so for the time being- aspect of each one of us. The performances are always good, rewarding, some entertaining, funny, and just enjoyable. It always brings smiles to my face when new people perform, you discover new talents, people find new friends and it is always a cheerful couple of hours.

One of our OMC traditions is a bakery house cake at the last event, and tonight, we had a beautiful half vanilla half chocolate cake from Bakery House. It had “D to the P” on it, we do go to Bryn Mawr after all, don’t we? As a co-president of the club, I deal with the nitty gritty administrative things, hold meetings, reserve equipment, help set up and clean up, and advertise. Although I have performed a couple of times -once was reading a poem that I love and the other with the rest of the members of OMC singing “Hey Jude” by the Beatles- I often just stand back, relax and watch the wonderful performances, and my favorites are when my friends perform a favorite song or two. At the end of the night, people are happy, cheerful and ready for a fun weekend. It is saddening to realize that I will only have a few more of these wonderful events, but alas, I am forever thankful for all these wonderful times I have been able to help put on the event, and see such amazing performances that come out of us Mawrters, we do make a special crowd that will leave every place we go, a little better.

D to the P! Oh, Bryn Mawr!

OMC audience!Her singing is beautiful!