I Want to be Rich

I want to be rich. That’s what I decided that I want to do. I want to be rich so I can help those out there in the world, help those unable to speak,  speak up and be heard, be listened to, and be seen. I want to help empower, help reach out, help educate, I want to be there for support. I want to show those who think they’re better than someone else because of their gender, age, sexuality, religion, color, ethinicty, nationality and appearance, that they are not. To help everyone see the world differently, I want to be able to wake up someday and know that there is no one out there crying of pain, of loss, of fear, of greif, because someone else made them feel less.

Strong feelings engulfed me as I watched the documentary of Half the Sky, feelings of anger, sadness, greif, shock, and helplessness. These feelings were boiling, making me want to act, want to make a difference, want to change this world, want to talk to everyone about how unjust this world can be. I have seen injustice, and I have lived it – for reasons that I will leave for later conversations- but I know how it feels to be mistreated because of who you are, what you look like, what you believe in or where you come from, and it is a feeling I wish no one has to feel. Watching someone easily take away your humanity from you, in front of your eyes and you’re left to nothing but maybe screams, fighting back but alas with no results, no one there to help you or hear you out.

I want to wake up everday to teach the world to become one, to be able to thrive as citizens of our one home, Earth. I wish that no one has to go through the awfulness of fear of dying when they don’t do what they’re forced to. The beauty of the women in the documentary were only a few of many out there in so many places in the world who’s voices aren’t heard, their screams are silent, their cries seem soundless. It is ugly, it is painful and it is awful how unjust and unfair this world is… yet the fact that there are people willing to help, willing to give and reach out is what makes this world beautiful.

I believe in the beauty of this world, and I believe in the value of education and the power of hope, love, faith and will. I dream of a better world and a more beautiful place, and I will do my absolute best everyday to be the change I want to see in the world, to speak up, to extend a hand of help, so that one day this world will be free of injustice, and so should you, and you and you, because together we can make a difference, because women are half of the sky, and the other half is men, together we make the world one, we make up the beauty of the sky, of this one wold, not more not less.

Just keep swimming…

It is funny how life is. It is all about give and take. You get one thing and lose another, it is a circle, a beautiful meaningful circle, or so I like to believe. Today was a gloomey, rainy, humid, yucky day. I had a rough start of the day which got better with Erdman’s parfait’s special bar for lunch.


Delicious parfait: Vanilla yogurt, granola, mangoes, pineapples, peaches, berries of all types, with coconut and chocolate chips.


Then the exhaustion of not getting enough sleep took over, that sensation where you really want to focus and get some work done, but you are incapable, with the foggy cloud in your head, mirroring the weather outside, so I gave up and took a short nap. Although I am not a big fan of naps, yet they are needed sometimes, and today’s was indeed needed.

The circle of life keeps going on and I head to my lab meeting, burdened with the amount of work I know I need to get done, to recieve an email saying an application I worked on so hard, and have wanted to get so much was unfortunately declined and so now I have to let go of that dream and opportunity, for now. Then I decide to get up and ignore it, keep walking to the meeting, to then get started for real on the research which I am now totally looking forward to, -see it’s all about one door closes so another ten open- It’s hard to believe in those “philosophical optimistic sayings” when things are rough, and it was hard to hold on to them today, but I managed and it was rewarding.  Then I had a nice dinner with a friend which helped lift me up and laughters about silly things like always, cheered me on. Then, oh then, I walk out, put my hoodie on, it was foggy and gloomy, but I lifted my head up to find such a pleasent surprise, fog and colorful trees, couldn’t help but smile and realize that things will be fine, and life will go on.

So, when you have a bad day, things don’t go the way you wanted them to, just remember that it’s just the circle of life, and everything happens for a reason, and like Dora would tell you : just keep swimming.